Panama City Beach Fishing


Arguably the most prize food fish in the world and around Panama City Florida, Groupers come in many different shapes and sizes. There are many ways to catch Grouper. Live bait is the most popular. Fishing the inshore and offshore reefs around Panama City Florida can yield a great fight with the reward being a dinner few can turn down. Grouper fishing is very popular in the area due to the big pull and large size. Although most Groupers caught average 10 lbs. there are many in the 20 pound plus range caught in the waters around Panama City, Florida each year.

For those of you that don’t know it, we catch a lot of legal Groupers in the bays around Panama City Florida each year. Some live in our bays their entire life and some come into the bay with severe weather like hurricanes.
The bay Grouper can be caught several different ways. One very popular way around Panama City Florida is trolling big plugs through the pass or around the bridge pilings. There are also a lot of Grouper caught on live bait fishing structure and holes in the bay. They can be caught in water as shallow as four feet.

Table fare is excellent.


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